Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Women Of The World Unite And Make Some Pancakes Day.

Pancake day eh? Strangely, albeit humorously coinciding with International Women's Day and "Booty Appreciation Day!" UK women just don't Get the "Booty Appreciation Day" thing by the way, they'll probably be thinking its yet another new car or toddler shoe-wear promotion at Mothercare or something.  But what's happening today? Thousands of tweets on Twitter from women being all stand uppish and globally arsey about pancakes?

International Women's Day. A noble UN recognised institution going back over a century. The Suffragette battles for equality, nameless women standing up for their oppressed sisters. Noble and noteworthy indeed one and all.  But what do I hear and read this morning? Women moaning about making pancakes! On this century old day of campaigning for woman's equal rights, instead of bemoaning your lot in life why don't you go out and buy the ingredients needed to make some lovely pancakes?

Ooo! Have I got your back up now? Let me remind you it's normally the matriarch of a family that pass traditions down to the next generation. If my dear old Mum was still alive today, I'd have driven to East London to sit in her kitchen and stuff myself with her pancakes, it was one of the very few things I looked forward to as a child and those yummy smelling memories will make me smile forever.
I'm just saying if anyone wants to buy me this..

You go ahead and rebel, all you self promoting do-gooding trendy women of the UK. You're the ones missing the point of how special today is.  Confusing your roles as mothers and matriarchs with your bemoaning of low pay and lack of status in the workplace is a crime against all your children, men, relatives AND friends that have no mums.  Yes, dads make great pancakes too, I know I do! But when your mum makes them...sigh.

So why not bang your drum tomorrow hmm? Of course, it being Ash Wednesday you will probably hijack the day and moan about fags won't you? AND ignore the fact its the start of Lent for millions of people.  Get in the kitchen today and create some new memories for your children and rekindle some old ones for others... And invite some of us orphans around while you're at it...

Oh! Annie Lennox, Stop banging drums for every cause on the planet and toddle off home and make your kids some pancakes there's a love...