Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The 140 Words of our Lives

This is a project I started and dropped a couple of years ago, I'm sure you have 140 words of your own life.

The 140 Words of our Lives

One To Five
Pain. Born. Cry. Eat. Coo. Grow. Shit. Smile. Sick. Cuddle. Sleep. Taste. Bite. Crawl. Grab. Break. Walk. Fall. Laugh. Talk. Obey. Run. Lost. Scared.

Five To Ten
Listen. Watch.  Learn. Read. Spell. Dress. Outgrow. Play. Jump. Hide. Lose. Sulk. Want.  Demand. Take. Do. Fight. Steal. Test.  Damage. Shame. Sick. Move.
Ten To Fifteen
Find. Lie. Moan. Hate. Punch. Study. Sleep. Party. Dance.  Dream.  Sing.  Wank. Smell. Squeeze. Adore. Touch. Feel. Caress. Burst. Cut.

Fifteen To Twenty
Stress. Rebel. Anger. Reckless. Destroy. Energy. Create. Deceive. Drink. Deface. Embrace. Music. Holiday. Shave. Laugh. Sex. Confused. Yearn. Earn. Buy. Need.

Twenty To Thirty
Engorge. Indulge. Placate. Manoeuvre. Achieve. Receive. Relocate. Lust. Marry. Procreate. Love. Protect. Clean. Compromise. Hate. Consult. Divorce. Leave. Lament.

Thirty to Death.
Acquire. Pay. Settle. Worry. Refine. Educate. Ache. Travel. Lose. Remember. Forget. Grieve. Miss. Regret. Give. Happy. Accept. Afraid. Peace. Die.

Heaven, reincarnate or dust.