Monday, 15 July 2013


The local theatre emptied and the mum and young daughter are now in my cab, it’s quickly evident however that the daughter is not feeling well and the mother opens the rear window to its fullest extent and shoves her daughters head outside. I offer to stop so she can empty her stomach contents onto the side of the road. I was too late, the daughter was already projectile vomiting all over the side of the cab as I was driving, and it even spread over the rear window. We arrived at their house, her mother immediately offered to clean the mess off the cab, and I accepted her help to clean up.  My first task was to make sure that there wasn’t any vomit was inside the cab and opened a rear door and crawled inside to check. The mother came down the path with a large bucket of soapy water and threw it at the cab. The window was still down and I and the whole interior of the cab was now soapsuds and steam. I vocally let her know how displeased I was and she ran and locked herself in the house and called the police, whom after my explanation could not stop laughing. It took three hours and all my own clean towels from my home to dry it out. After changing clothes and explaining what happened to the controller, he did a bit of a wee in his pants. I fail to see the humour in this and you had better not be smiling.